antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: March 2005
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March 2005

1st Mar    Walking the Dog
You might see this sign painted on the streets of Prague. What does it mean?

2nd Mar    Happy Birthday
And you don't look a day older than when we left college.

3rd Mar    Big Teddy
Big Teddy and the Tor.
How long will this teddy bear be strung up by the side of Watchwell Drove.

4th Mar    Painted Shirt

5th Mar    Cathedral Cloister

6th Mar    Glastonbury Tor
Photographed from Wood Lane.

7th Mar    Double Portrait
Dave poses in front of Tom Toner's Painting

8th Mar    Thanks Milly
At the end of a very busy day and I am looking for today's photograph. Milly and friends are posing for photography students and I ask for a shot. Thanks Milly.

9th Mar    Tara's crazy hat
Tara has been wearing very sixties gear today, so I've given her the sepia make over.

10th Mar    Running For Charity
Duncan will be running the London Marathon dressed as a Cyberman - He is looking for sponsors for his chosen charity - British Heart Foundation

11th Mar    Comic Relief
Becky and all the first year National Diploma students made a terrific effort for Red Nose Day

12th Mar    Colman's Starch
Happy Birthday Jude !

13th Mar    High Test

14th Mar    Yellow Chair

15th Mar    Girl's Nite
The Perfect Renaissance Triangle

16th Mar    Too Much Milk
What do you keep in your fridge? We have a tiny Lec and have far too much semi-skimmed milk in storage.

17th Mar    Purple Pilot
I never did see if he managed to get his parachute untangled, inflated and into the air.

18th Mar    Tyres
It has been a beautifully sunny day, one could almost believe that summer is just around the corner. This could be anywhere in Britain.

19th Mar    Sunny Steps
An early start sees us in Bath by 9.50am. Another crisp, sunny day and a steak sandwich in Ha Ha.

20th Mar    Pavilion Green
With a coat of Pavilion Green paint the garden furniture may just see us through one more summer.

21st Mar    Two Tons
Rusty Heavy Motor Car Two Tons Axle
Weights Heavy Motor Car Trailer

22nd Mar    Orange Street
A visit to London, two coaches and 96 students. Orange Street runs behind The National Portrait Gallery.

23rd Mar    Hand Grenade
That's by Basty not Banksy.

24th Mar    Steps

25th Mar    Dead
A present from the cat with no name.

26th Mar    Cloud %26 Tree

27th Mar    Drawing
He's not the Messiah
He's a very naughty boy

28th Mar    Harley Davidson
Ermintrude Motor Cycles
Bridgwater Chapter
Sainsbury's Car Park

29th Mar    Valencia's main Square
Placa de l'Ajuntament
A view across the square towards the
Palau de Communicacions
The Central Post Office

30th Mar    On the Beach
After Rauschenberg's 'Gluts' at the Institut Valencia d'Art Modern we take the number 19 bus to the beach.

31st Mar    21st Century Spain
Inside the fantastic L'Umbracle looking out towards the Museu de les Ciencies
(The Science Museum)